Its time to accelerate your personal growth

Do you feel like you are living a lie, just being a shadow of your real self?

It's like your soul is trapped inside a lifetime of hurt & trauma, but your head doesn't know how to release it & your heart can't let it go. As I'm sure you know the past has a habit of haunting us if we don't make our peace with it & unless you are working on yourself, life can feel very stagnant. Plus, the Universe isn't too forgiving when we don't learn from our mistakes, have you noticed it sends the same situations back round?

If you have a strong feeling inside you to change your life, that just won't go away, then its time to accelerate your personal growth & morph into an Identity you're proud of.

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Sky rocket your self belief as I deliver a Brand New you, straight into your heart. Time to step away from the old out dated you.

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My New Podcast

3 minutes is all we need to give you that Quick Fix of Relaxation so that your whole day goes smother & you feel on top of the world.

Who doesn't want to start & end their day chilled? I do.

These short meditations guided are the perfect Podcast to add to your Wellness Tool kit, make sure you follow & share with all your friends, it would be mean to keep such a good thing a secret!


Disclaimer: All that The Identity Queen provides is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any illness. All information is intended for educational & inspirational purposes only, NOT as medical advice. Always check with your doctor before dramatically changing your lifestyle or diet.