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A welcome video

A 22 page anxiety guide, it's interactive and full of guided


inspirational information

3 inspirational coaching videos

8 downloadable worksheets 

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Your guide consists of many components to help you tackle anxiety from different angles.


  • A 22 page anxiety guide, with many tools, activities & technics to support you everyday

  • Easy to follow videos

  • Guided meditations

  • 8 downloadable worksheets

  • Help from an experienced coach 

  • Completely confidential

  • Easy Listening Meditation for even the most anxious of people

  • Whenever needed, lower your anxiety levels dramatically

  • Support tools to keep you focused everyday

  • De-stress any time, day or night

  • Personal insights & real life experiences

  • Learn tips & tools to forgive yourselves & others

  • Learn the art of letting go

  • Uncover simple secrets to change your life

  • Feel supported & understood

  • Learn breathing techniques to help with panic attack's

  • Reverse old fear's

  • Get a grip of regular stress

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Start to take control of your life

Prepare to feel good from the comfort of your own home!


  • Become aware of anxiety triggers

  • Be led by a trusted & experienced coach

  • Get to grips with changes you need to make

  • Be guided through the process of letting go

  • Understand the power of affirmations in Video 3

  • Create a new routine

  • Bring gratitude into everyday life

  • Learn techniques to switch of adrenaline & fight/flight mode in Video 1

  • Start to recognise you’re not alone

  • Learn to connect with your feelings & stop shutting them off

  • Learn to declutter the brain

  • Learn to put yourself first

  • Learn Mindfulness

  • Learn to stop judging yourself

  • Find positivity in the darkest of moments

  • Learn ways of feeding positivity into your subconscious on a daily basis

  • Learn how to switch of your self-critic

  • Learn to retrain the mind

  • Get Creative

  • Stop Self-sabotage

What to expect after you have completed the guide.

  • Feel Inspired

  • Feel fired up & in control of your future

  • To feel inspired to regularly check in with your printed sheets & change them according to the changes you’ve made in your life

  • Access to the private Facebook Page where you can connect with like-minded people

  • Feel empowered to Kick anxiety’s butt 

  • Embrace new things

  • Expect to feel more confident within yourself

  • To realise that your grass is as green as anyone else’s

  • Start to trust & embrace change easier

  • To be in spired to meditate everyday

  • Learn to recognise false alarms

  • To feel reassured of the ongoing support as you can tap into this course 24/7

  • Enjoy more time in nature

  • To feel more positive

  • To appreciate who you are & your unique qualities

  • To increase your self-worth

  • Start to feel more open to love, life & laughter

  • To start & want to nurture your soul

  • To feel inspired to use these tips & tools to keep anxiety at bay

  • To feel full of gratitude

  • To feel proud of yourself for what you have achieved

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SUCCESS stories below

I was so anxious when I came across this guide I didn’t really believe it would make a difference. I’m so glad I took a chance, I feel loads better & feel really grateful for how kind & caring Suzanne is


~Liz, Actress

I felt so deflated last year & I cant really afford to pay for private therapy, so this guide bridged that gap. I can open it up anytime I need a boost.

Thanks Jo


I love all your guide, but the anxiety & the self love one have been brilliant to just have as a great reminder & motivator to keep me on track. 

Can't wait to see what else you have in store. I'm still buzzing from the spiritual one!!


Katy x

Thank you for creating such an easy to follow guide, I literary feel like you are talking to me in the guide & the videos really really help.

Its like having a pocket size you with me at all times, something I feel everyone needs & I tell them hehe.

Thank you Suzanne for being an Earth Angel to so many, this guide is a brill way for you to reach others you may never meet & I think you are AMAZING for taking the time to do it, never mind offering it out for a tiny fee.

Much Love Sara xxx


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