Meditation time set 

Perfect for lock down

5 Relaxing guided Meditations suitable for children 2 to 9 yrs.


Perfect for peaceful sleep

Wonderful for morning routines

Fantastic for confidence building

Ideal for releasing emotions

Amazing for boosting self worth

5 Star Reviews,

from happy mummys & daddys

Try the meditations, click below to listen to a one minute demo.

DEMO -Bed Time
DEMO -Happy Time
DEMO -Sad Time
DEMO -Positivity Time
DEMO -Morning Time

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Meditation helps your child RELAX, PROCESS their emotions & learn to LOVE THEMSELVES.

Its very important for children to feel understood & valued, these meditations are perfect for helping children feel their self worth & grow in confidence.

These 5 meditation will also help your child feel CALMhave more PEACEFUL SLEEPS & learn to talk POSITIVELY to themselves.

Children are incredibly sensitive to their surrounding & these meditations are perfect for helping them feel like they have some control, while also teaching them valuable relaxation techniques.

I'm sharing relaxation techniques that will calm your child's mind.

The morning time meditation sets your child up for the best day ever!

Positivity time takes you to the mirror, for lots of positive self chatter.

The Meditations will support your child's


The sad meditation will help your child let go on anger, sadness, loneliness & feeling mad

Your child can use them daily if they wish.

Each one is around 5 minutes long.

You will receive:

5 audios | 1 Free fun in lockdown sheet | 1 parents guidance

It is everything you need to help your child create a more mindful, relaxed & confident mind.

Perfect for these difficult times we find ourselves in. Even children who appear happy can still be struggling with the lock down situation so, these meditations are a great tool for parents to have as a reinforcement for what you teach them & it may give you some new ideas of how to support for child. 


The meditations are mobile friendly & you will be able to download them onto any device,

from anywhere in the world.

Access the guided meditations


Once you've purchased the meditations, you will be able to immediately download the meditations. 

I can't wait for you to try them, I know your children will love them. 

You can read my blog about children in Lock down here.

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