One coaching session can change the direction of your life, FOREVER!


Don't wait any longer.

How will you benefit from coaching ? 

Are you feeling stuck, alone or confused?

I can relate, believe me.

I have been doing this work for over 16 years and its normal to feel like you have hit a brick wall in life. When this happens, hiring a coach is the smart thing to do, suffering alone is not.

A coaching session changes everything.

It helps you reset and refocus your mind.

A coaching session is an important time reserved just for you to clear your mind & get you feeling " unstuck". Listening to the videos will get you going, reading books can help too, but nothing is more profound than having a coach focused just on you and your specific needs for a solid 45 minutes.

I have structured these sessions so you can choose any area of life you want to focus on.

  • Pick your biggest struggle

  • Pick a topic from one of my Masterclasses you need more help with

  • Choose an area where you are lacking in motivation

  • Choose a current specific issue where you need a new perspective

  • Work with issues at work, home or socially 

  • Release issues from the past


This session is completely devoted to you. All the coaching, wisdom and teaching within the session will be tailed to your individual needs. Together we will dive deep into my unique toolbox of literally the best coaching tools on the planet. You will feel recharged, empowered & inspired with a new clarity of mind & outlook on life, within just one session.

If you've never been coached before, get ready to have your mind blown. 

Single Coaching Session

By clicking ORDER NOW, you are purchasing one 45 minute life coaching session

Fee is £150

(via phone/internet) with Suzanne Prince, expert life coach.

Coaching slots aval 7 days a week, subject to availability, weekends are limited. 

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