This Valentines LOVE LOVE LOVE Yourself

Whether you are in a relationship or not you deserve to feel loved & valued,

I'll show you how in this guide...

If you struggle to put yourself first this SELF LOVE Guide is for YOU!

What's Inside?

  • A welcome video

  • A 22 page self-love guide, it's interactive and full of guided & inspirational information

  • 3 videos to support your progress

  • 10 downloadable worksheets that you can access at any time

  • Congratulations Video

So what will you receive in your online Self Love guide?

Read below...

Your guide consists of many components to help you embrace self love from different angles.


  • A 22 self love guide, with many tools, activities & technics to support you everyday

  • Easy to follow videos

  • Guided meditations

  • 9 downloadable worksheets

  • Build your self-esteem & confidence

  • Totally fall in love with yourself

  • Let go of blame, shame & anger

  • 5 inspirational downloads

  • Stop self-sabotaging

  • Learn ways to stop negative self-chatter

  • A plan for moving forward

  • Attract peace and happiness into your life

  • Access the course 24/7

  • Do you find your constantly judging yourself?

  • Are you aware of Self Sabotage?

  • Learnt to stop being your worst enemy

  • Get rid of that low self esteem

  • Stop feeling like you’re a burden

  • Stop feeling uncomfortable around others

  • Stop avoiding situations you don’t feel your good enough for

  • Learn to rewire your brain

  • Alter your thought patterns


Prepare to feel good from the comfort of your own home!


  • Learn to fall in love with the person in the mirror

  • Become aware of old habits & thought processes

  • Realise what needs to change

  • Learn to let go of what’s holding you back

  • Start to put yourself first

  • Get to grips with saying No

  • Learn to accept praise

  • Learn to bring balance into your life

  • Get to grips with Mindfulness

  • Start to benefit from meditation

  • Learn the positive impact of affirmations

  • Stop underestimating yourself

  • Learn to be patient


What to expect after you have completed the guide.

  • Oozing with a deeper level of self-acceptance

  • Learn to love every aspect of yourself

  • Feel inspired to live differently

  • Feel empowered to show your true colours

  • Feel more robust

  • Remove toxicity from your life

  • Start to express yourself

  • Choose new relationships wisely

  • Realise your perfect just as you are

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

  • Start to put yourself first

Click below & get started straight away...

I'm loving the guide, its kept me focused on what matters & actually put myself first, something ive literary never felt able to do. Thank You xxx

Sofi G

Your online guides are AWESOME & so are YOU!

Thanks sweetie, looking forward to what you do next!

Selena M


Ahhhh I'm totally feeling the love Suzanne, thank you darling.. even after just the 1st video I was like...

YEP she's on it!

You really get me in the zone... I feel happier within myself & I'm grateful for finding you xxxxx




I remember when we first met I knew then you were an Earth Angel.

Thank you for creating guides the whole world can access xx




Its not often you find a voice you can listen to over & over,, YOU are special lady, I'm telling you!

Love your gentle soothing voice & the way you explain things. Kelly X

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