Meditation Time: Self Care For CHILDREN

Welcome to my children's meditation time, where you will find 5 super useful meditations, that will help your children with many aspects of self care & help you as an extra parenting tool in your pocket, ANY time you need it. 

The 5 meditations are: 

Bed Time: For help relaxing & switching off from the day.

Morning Time: For waking up & embracing a brand new day. 

Happy Time: A chance for children to go to their happy place.

Positivity Time: An opportunity for positive self chatter.

Sad Time: A space to let go on unwanted emotions.

Each meditation has many benefits to offer from learning to let go, relaxing the body & understanding how we feel to being mindful, feeling confident & building self worth. 

You can download them onto any device for your convenience & use them as often as your child likes. They are also a wonderful tool for parents to be able to access for many different situations that might arise. Life can be so incredibly stressful & having access to meditations like this can really help a child to deal with their emotions, thoughts & feelings. 

Click on the mp3's below to download.

Supporting your children's meditation experience will really enhance the potential benefits. So please think about creating the right space for them to embrace each one & get the most out of them.


Here's some ideas: 

Creating a quiet space |  a cosy safe space |  a relaxing space

No loud noises | no mobile phones or chatting

Ask those who don't want to get involved to respect space, mediation time & quietness.

FREE BONUS: Confidence building Children's Grid.

Below you will find 2 PDF files within the pictures. The rainbow is the children's grid, which needs printing & putting somewhere they can see it each day. Its very interactive & the child/children will need your support, help & guidance. The grid is numbered 1 to 20, get them to close their eyes & point to one at random so a difference one gets picked each day. Make the experience fun & positive. Its an opportunity to do something together, by setting some extra time aside in our very busy lives. 

The light bulb is a guide for parents/guardians, it breaks down each grid explains why each one is important & benefits it bring to the children. Please tale the time to read it. Thank you for your support. 

Children's free grid

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