What is Meditation & why bother practising it?

It’s a phenomenal way to reduce anxiety , improve clarity of mind & have a better sense of wellbeing overall. Meditation comes in many forms, so find what’s right for you, from a guided meditation, to staring into a peaceful candle or taking a pleasant stroll in nature.

The way I personally work is in the moment. I never use scripts or hide behind the camera, I’m there with you every step of the way. It’s real, raw & unpolished.

So it would be my pleasure if you join me Suzanne for your one-to-one guided meditation every Sunday evening around 7pm to set you up for the most perfect week ahead. We will be covering everything from confidence to anxiety so stay tuned.

Please let me know below each video what you’ve got from the meditation and be sure to check back every Sunday for your next dose of bliss coming all the way from Manchester UK.

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