Why choose online 1 to 1 coaching?

You will save a considerable amount of time if you have your sessions on online.


There is no travel time or traffic to consider & you can get straight back to work after or take time out to process the session. 

Sessions will be on whatsapp or skype, via video link or just audio.. You choose.

How amazing is it, that we can connect from anywhere in the world & across any time zone.

I love the fact that as long as we both have the internet your coaching session can take place anywhere. 

You can be in the comfort of your own home or maybe away on  holiday.

This can also work really well for women who feel to uncomfortable, face to face.

You are going to save quite a bit of money by having your coaching sessions online. £150 if its a one off delving deep session or £1500 if you choose The Wellness Strategy.

I charge less for online sessions & master classes, even those you get the same amount of time & quality.

Then there's the fact you don't have to pay for transport to get to me. You also get lots of extra Freebies for you pay in full for The Wellness Strategy. 

Having Suzanne all to yourself is amazing when you really want to invest in your well-being & get to the bottom on your issues.

  • You'll learn more about yourself.

  • Understand the blocks you've had.

  • Feel motivated instead of flat!

  • The shifts in your thoughts will create huge positive impact in every area of your life.

  • You will feel more like yourself.

  • You'll have a clear plan. 

  • You will know the key ingredient to keep you on track.

Here are your online 1 to 1 coaching options





The delving deep ( ONE OFF SESSIONS ) are perfect for you if:

  1. Struggling to get over an ex partner.

  2. Have been bullied at work.

  3. Have a difficult home life.

  4. Struggle with confidence.

  5. Unable to leave a controlling relationship behind.

  6. Always attract the wrong partner.

  7. Seem to go round in circles.

  8. Difficult family ties.

  9. Suffer with anxiety.

  10. Can't manage stress.

  11. You only want a one off session or to pay as you go.

  12. You just need to talk things through & get your head in a better place.

  13. You want to learn how to manifest more abundance.

  14. You need to put strategy's in place for your work environment

  15. You want to start & put your needs first.

  16. You are ready to work on your issues.




The Wellness Strategy ( 6 MONTH PROGRAM ) is Perfect for you if:


  1. You’re ridiculously bad at putting your needs first.

  2. You’re the queen of procrastination.

  3. You’re READY to live the life you keep saying you want!

  4. You’re a pro at self sabotage.

  5. You’ve tried everything & nothing sticks.

  6. You need fresh ideas, inspiration & practical tools to get you back in the zone.

  7. You’ve tried to manage alone & constantly feel stuck.

  8. You suck at SelfLove & SelfCare.

  9. You’re always putting others needs first.

  10. You’ve never given yourself the chance to shine.

  11. You’re hopeless with self motivation.

  12. You have tried other things & it hasn't worked.

  13. You've realised something needs to change.

  14. You want to move on from the past.

  15. You want to work with an expert.

  16. You've noticed you don't really know who you are.

  17. You feel lost & need a rocket up your bum to change things.

  18. You are ready to commit to at least 6 months for your own learning & self development journey.

Which will you choose? Below are 5 comments left by very happy coaching 

I chose a delving deep session because it suited my budget & i wanted to get started straight away. I've since had 4 more sessions & try to have one every 3 months. Suzanne makes such a big difference. Liz x

I decided to go for it & do the 6th months program. OMG i loved it.. no regrets. Suzanne is AWESOME. Sally

Suzanne was recommended to me by my sister who has been her for years. Really loved your wellness strategy, i sounds dramatic but its changed my life.


I booked in for 1 session to try Suzanne out. The way i felt when i left i knew i wanted her in my life often. I invested in the Wellness strategy, which i'm not going to lie was a stretch for me, but Gezzz i have LOVED every minute, well worth it. I can see why so many women choose Suzanne. She doesn't judge, you feel totally understood & she has such a positive impact. Jesi x

I've know Suzanne 11 yrs & have benefited so much from her coaching, i couldn't tell you have many times i've seen her, but she is just magical. Louise xx

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