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  • Suzanne Prince

3 years on and Never forgotten

All our hearts sank when the devastating news hit about the terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert on the 22nd May 2017 at the Manchester arena. As a spiritual healer who promotes love and peace I found it incredibly hard to accept anybody would want to cause so much devastation, especially to young innocent lives. As a mum of two teenage girls I felt sick to my stomach when I saw parents searching for their children and vice versa. I didn’t sleep for two nights and yet I wasn’t even there, so I can't even begin to imagine what those who were there went though. My heart goes out to everyone.

When you think about the extent of fear, anxiety and distress people must have felt that evening, you have to consider the huge amount of 1 to 1 support that was going to be needed to nurture people who survived well into their future. Not just psychically but mentally too. The devastation rippled through every single life that was there that night, like the Friends of loved ones who they never got to laugh with again and the family who never got to have one last cuddle with someone they care about so deeply. Last week I spoke to some of the security team on the door that night and their life has never been the same, the flash backs, the horror and even the sounds from that night have never left them.

What unites so many strangers is their love for those who were sadly lost that night. Their strength to carry on and their determination to keep the memories alive of such beautiful people, who should have never been subjected to what unfolded that night. Each year many gather to show their respect, so many care and so they should. They send a strong and powerful message that love concurs all. I'm proud to be from Manchester and how people come together when needed. I will certainly have everyone in my thoughts this friday. I wish everybody effected much love and peace.

Due to the ongoing lockdown, a virtual ceremony is being held. A service at Manchester Cathedral, led by the Dean of Manchester, Rogers Govender, will begin with prayers at 9.30am. It will be held again at 4.30pm, when the names of the 22 victims will be read out.

The service will be broadcast live on Facebook, with those watching invited to light a candle in remembrance. My candle will be lit, I hope you will join me.

Proud to be born and bred in Manchester. 🐝🐝🐝

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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