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  • Suzanne Prince

Disconnect For A Better Connection

Life is so incredibly busy, when do we stop?

A huge amount of people don’t even rest while sleeping. The mind is so active, filled with to-do lists and concerns so, do we ever truly relax? As we increasingly fill our ‘down time’ with social media and gadgets galore, do we ever truly detach ourselves from the outside world and connect to what really matters?

Even family time includes our phones, every moment being captured on film but, are we truly in the room if we are looking though the lens of our phones?

And why do we really need to disconnect from it all?

1. We are missing vital opportunities for quality time with family

2. People are losing confidence and skills to talk to people face-to-face

3. Our minds never get the rest they need

4. The next generation think it’s completely normal

5. We are getting lost in a world that isn’t real

6. It’s not good for our well-being

7. It can have a detrimental effect on relationships

There was life before all this technology, I know it’s unbelievable to think. But, the time that we’re missing with those who are important to us and even time out for ourselves is not something we can claw back. So, it’s time to get our head out of technology and make sure that we’re wasting our time wisely.

Even Barack Obama has a no gadget zone in his home, where they leave their phones in a basket outside the kitchen. This is a fantastic idea, and I think it’s something we should try to incorporate into our homes. We need to disconnect for a good 2 hours or more and start noticing what we’ve been missing.

Here are my top tips that I share with private clientele…

1. Switch off technology when you’re in the company of others, especially if you’re meant to be having quality time with that person. There’s nothing more annoying than somebody who keeps looking down at their phone. It’s a sure sign you’re not giving them your full attention!

2. Connect with the Earth. You don’t have to be into hugging trees to get out in nature everyday. Make the time to get outside and notice things you wouldn’t normally. Take in the fresh air, deep breaths and enjoy nature.

3. Listen to your favourite music and connect with amazing memories. It puts you in a good mood and can instantly take away the stresses of the day, helping you connect better with people in your surroundings.

4. Meditation! I cannot stress this enough. Whether you’ve got 2 minutes or half an hour, find somewhere you can have some quiet time, take some deep breaths and just let the mind start to filter. Let go of the stresses of the day.

5. Do something you love everyday, something that resonates with your heart and makes you happy.

6. Spend quality time with those you love and keep making those wonderful memories.

I know that during lock down modern technology has been a lifeline for many and it's incredible how its kept people connected & for that, I am grateful. There's still room in your life where you could switch off more, so pay close attention to your needs and disconnect from the world around you, especially from the news and negative family or friends.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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