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  • Suzanne Prince

Fathers Day, My Dad & Me.

In all the years I've been alive, my dad has been there to see me thrive.

He helped me to walk when I was small, I know it happened even though I don't recall.

I do remember him running behind my bike, It must of felt like such a hike.

Dad always made faces in my food, to lift me out of any mood.

He always said yes when mum said no, it now seems like a lifetime ago.

We went to the park almost everyday, I loved taking friends so I could play.

I thought he was magic because he got money out of my ear,

I couldn't understand how it would just appear.

I loved to sing & loved to dance, which I'd make dad watch at any chance.

On the stage in my own front room, raiding all the cupboards to make my costume.

Dad would clap so loud I couldn't hear the song, I never said anything, he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Returning home from late parties it would be dark & cold, dad gave me his suit jacket as we strolled.

Fast forward to today & he seems so far away.

He's only lives down lane, but being apart has been a stain.

When you take for granted just popping in, yet now we must not even touch skin.

There are no kisses or hugs anymore, the differences you can't ignore.

Dad especially is finding it hard, from our house you are barred.

He pops by & chats at the door, but its nothing like it was before.

We would normally make mum & dad Sunday roast, celebrating life we would toast.

This fathers day will be the strangest ever, but we wont let lock down ruin it whatsoever.

I'm acutely aware I'm very lucky my dad is still here on this Earth, which undoubtedly holds an invaluable worth.

Happy Fathers Day Dad,

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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