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  • Suzanne Prince

For the Woman who feels invisible

For the woman who feels like nobody sees her.

For the woman who feels like nobody cares.

For the woman who feels like she can't carry on.

For the woman who feels deflated.

For the woman who cry's herself to sleep.

For the woman who doesn't believe she can.

For the woman who can't see a way forward.

For the woman who never puts her needs first.

For the woman who doubts herself.

For the woman who feels like giving up.

For the woman who's fears have taken over.

For the woman who has no support.

For the woman who feels isolated.

For the woman who's heart aches.

For the women who's desperate for change.

For the woman who can't sleep.

For the woman who's in pain.

For the woman who has no more strength.

For the woman who has forgotten how to laugh.

For the woman who has lost hope.

For the woman who are grief stricken.

For the women who feel rejected.

For the woman who have lost their identity.

You are beautiful

You are genuine

You are admirable

You are adorable

You are resilient

You are flexible

You are beaming

You are intelligent

You are courageous

You are elegant

You are generous

You are glowing

You are successful

You are trusting

You are vivacious

you are independent

You are brave

You are kindhearted

You are perfect

You are enough

You are powerful

You are refreshing

You are remarkable

You are soulful

You are spiritual

You are a warrior

You are intuitive

You are nurturing

You are wholesome

You are desirable

You are a survivor

Be Proud of who you are.

Be proud of your skin.

Be Proud of what you've overcome.

Be proud of what you've learnt.

Be proud of your journey.

Be proud of your scares.

Be proud of your body.

Be proud of your achievements.

Be proud of your beliefs.

Be proud of your compassion.

Be proud of your kind heart.

Be proud of your determination.

Be proud of your morals.

Be proud of your style.

Be proud of your sass.

Be proud of your attitude.

Be proud of the fire in your stomach.

You are everything that is right about this world. You are a magnificent Woman.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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