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  • Suzanne Prince

I was shocked with my result for the antibodies test! Covid-19

I had wanted an antibody test for ages, like many people I was curious as to whether I'd had the Covid virus & wanted to know whether I had developed immunity. Months ago I was so incredibly ill, it felt like a super flu virus & I remember saying exactly that to my husband long before the coronavirus took over our world. My symptoms were very painful. I was bad for about a month, then started to slowly pick up. I started with a sore throat, then a really persistent cough & my whole rib cage was inflamed. I couldn't take deep breathes & my temperature was off the chart. This is December, going into January. So covid was apparently not in the UK then. Testing wasn't even a thing, so i just concentrated on getting better slowly.

My husband has also had a cough that wouldn't go away, just last month. again we wondered has he caught it. We know so many people who have had coughs, colds & other symptoms. They are all convinced they'd had it like me. So I finally found a doctor in Cheshire who is doing the tests privately. My husband & I went yesterday & to our amazement WE GOT THE ALL CLEAR. No antibodies, No covid, Nothing! We'd not had it! The test is 98% accurate so its pretty conclusive we definitely have not contracted the virus. We were both so surprised. My hubby got the same result as I did. We were hoping we'd had it to feel immune, not that anyone knows if you are for certain anyway. And it wouldn't of changed what we have been doing, but still it would of been nice.

What this has made me realise is that, even when you are totally convinced of something you can be so way off the mark. It also made me think about others we know who have become so complacent because they think they have had it, but quite possible haven't. Many are being carefree about it because they think they are safe, but if they knew that actually they were still vulnerable maybe they would be more cautious. Maybe the antibody test should be easier to get hold of. We will continue to do what we have been doing, which is be sensible but not fearful. The way we have chosen to look at it is, we've managed to keep ourselves safe from it.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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