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  • Suzanne Prince

Imagine being a child in Lock down

Imagine being little again and all of a sudden one day your mummy says you're not going to school tomorrow, or the day after or the day after that. In fact she doesn't know when you'll get to go back because nobody knows when the bug will go away. She then has to break the news to you that it means you won't see your friends for a long time and you may never be back in that class with your favorite teacher because you'll probably be moving up a year. Your mind would be so confused. A mixture of emotions, happy to not do school work, sad to miss playtime.

Then as the days go by and the restrictions get tougher your mummy then has to explain that you can't play with the children on your street, so she takes you to the park but the swings and slides are all tied up. Nobody to play with, nothing to play on. No treat at McDonald's for being good or a trip to see grandma for a cuddle, its all gone. Almost everything you know has just come to a stop and its hard to understand why this is all happening in your young mind. You know what you're being told, but you keep asking anyway because your best friend only lives down the road and you could be quick or the virus wont get you with your superhero cape on & that's a fact.

Some moments are great you're busy painting and playing in the sunshine, other moments are not so great you just want your friends because mummy is busy working and gets grumpy when you disturb her. You can't do what you want & there's no where to escape too. In those angry moments you want everything back as it was, you want to go to school NOW because all this stuff that is going on around you is just to much, to big, to messy & you just want to stay in your little bubble, but it's popped! You've been exposed to rules you weren't ready for, restrictions that take away your fun, control that's taken away life as you knew it.

Your mummy is doing her best, shes trying to hold it all together & keep you all going, but its hard. Its hard because she is facing the full extent of the unknown while trying to protect you, teach you, love you, feed you, nurture you & reassure you. Your world is still filled with so much love, but it doesn't stop you from wanting what isn't there anymore because you want to giggle with your friends, skip across the school playground, do handstands at the wall and kick about a football. And you know what its ok to want all those things back, its ok to be upset, its ok to feel lonely.

Since the lockdown started I have found an influx of children turning to my guided mediation for comfort & guidance. My Meditation Time Set has without a doubt had a positive impact on children up & down the county, benefiting from my nurturing, happy & reassuring voice every single day. Its dramatically reduced children's fears around the virus, softened sadness around missing people & created a happy place for children to keep their own sprinkle of magic going, even on the darkest of days. It's an honour to support a child's mental health & wellbeing, while supporting their wonderful parents too.

I'd be delighted if you'd like to listen to the demo's here:

A note to all the mama's out there, I'm so proud of you, please remember to be kind to yourself. And I'm here for you if you need a listening ear.

Suzanne | The Identity Queen

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