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  • Suzanne Prince

It's not black versus white, it's everyone versus racism.

When I saw the footage of George Floyd on the news I nearly threw up. I couldn't calm down, I felt infuriated by what had happened and grief stricken for the mans death, even though I did not know him. Of course I did because i'm human and all caring humans are at their wits end with this type of horrific behavior. To take someones life, to take their dignity, to ignore their pleas, to think a life doesn't matter is barbaric and there's no place in this world for those people. They shouldn't even be called people, they are not one of us. They are power hungry monsters that need their authority stripping away before they even get chance to use it on vulnerable people. Aren't police in the job of protecting people not killing them? So when the authorities are the problem where are people meant to turn to?

I’ve cried so many tears over the last few days of the injustices in our world, I've felt like this for so long, read and watched many stories, my heart goes out to everyone who has ever been touched by such observed behavior. As someone who believes we are all equal I'm struggling to cope with whats still happening in this day and age. As a white women it's embarrassing to think i might be treated differently, I hate thinking about it, but we can't ignore it just because its uncomfortable. We all have to speak out, no matter our colour, no matter where we are in the world. We are all on one planet together our hearts should be beating as one and I won't be silenced on this subject. So many lives have been lost this way, how many more are to come? How many families are grieving from the unimaginable pain created from police taking the life from something they love dear.

When I see even the smallest act of racism my whole body seems to react, like my hair stands on end, I can't breath properly and I start to feel anxious. Its like every cell in my body is screaming STOP! We all deserve to breathe, to have equal rights, to feel safe walking down the street, to know we are not being judged just by the colour of our skin. In a racist society its not enough to be non racist, we must be anti racist, full stop! We must all use our voice to stand up for people who have lost there's and stand together as a world full of beautiful colours, refusing to tolerate anymore. No matter where we are in the world, we are all effected, we are all broken by such evil violation, it has to STOP.

I'd had people say to me, " but it happened in America, its nothing to do with us " or " Its just how it is over there " Excuse me? I love it when people share such deep insight to their soul, it reminds me how i'd never be and helps me clear out my Facebook friends. Delete & Unfriend! In the past I would spend time trying to turn peoples opinions around, trying to educate them and open their eyes, its been a hard lesson to learn that not everyone sees the world through my eyes and that's a difficult realisation to cope with. I know we all have different opinions but having compassion for others is surly something we should all posses?

As one person you can create a positive wave of change that affects hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, so please do something. Say something, use your voice, create change, don't turn a blind eye. It starts with even the smallest of steps we choose to take today, collectively people all around the world are coming together to show ZERO tolerance for these senseless murders. They can't carry on. I for one, will always strive for equality in every opportunity I have, no matter how big or small is seems. Lets take all that anger, that hurt, that pain and use that energy to change our world. To stamp out the ugly and allow every human to feel safe, valued and respected, until then no one is truly free.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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