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  • Suzanne Prince

Keep going Mama.

I know sometimes you feel isolated but you're not alone i'm there too.

I know sometimes you feel like nobody feels your pain but I do, I feel it too.

I know sometimes you think no-one has noticed your tears but they're flowing down my cheeks too.

I know you feel overwhelmed & you're trying to hold it together, so am I.

I know you don't feel good enough sometimes, me too.

I know that life can seem so unfair sometimes its hard to stay positive, I feel the same.

When you scream at the top of your lungs, I'm screaming too.

When you storm up stairs i'm stomping too.

When you've just tided everything for the millionth time, I'm still tiding too.

Lets wipe each others tears, we've got this, everything is going to be ok.

Lets get through motherhood together, one crazy day at a time.

Lets go to the mirror, look in our own eyes & love the s**t out of that women, because she is doing an amazing job!

Sending love around the globe to all the Mama's out there, hustling each day to keep their family going. You are the glue, the love, the wisdom & I respect you all.

From one proud Mama to another KEEP GOING MAMA ❤❤❤

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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