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  • Suzanne Prince

Mental Health For Little Minds

We are becoming more and more aware of the needs of our children while they are still in lockdown as we approach mental health awareness week. In the past, mental health issues have been passed off as something adults suffer from who are unstable in some way. But the truth is, poor mental health is something that we can all suffer with. Especially right now under the pressure of lockdown, having less structure, being worried about family or being separated from loved ones, not to mention homeschooling, feeling isolated from friends & still having to be a superhero, all the time.

Children are super sensitive to everything that is going on around them & if its not explained to them in a way they can understand, the chances are it can make them feel its their fault somehow. They will come up with their own conclusions if somebody doesn't take regular time out to check in on how they feel & elevate any of their worries. Having conversations they can be apart of over dinner or a walk & a chat in the sunshine can make such a difference to a little one who has lots of questions running around their head.

Even children that seem ok need reassurance, even children who seem to always be happy need reassurance & even children who never mention anything still need reassurance. You know yourself when you are the strong one, the one that holds it all together, the one that never makes a fuss or the one who's a people pleaser, you often get overlooked or people around you pressure your're ok. This is the same for your children, so never underestimate the difference checking in on your child will have. They will feel important, loved & listened too, its a no brainer.

If you struggle to get information out of your children even when you know something is wrong, try talking to them in a casual way while doing something creative, like drawing. It will feel less orchestrated, the focus isn't solely on them & you could get them to express how they feel through the art. Another good idea that I always use with little ones is I sit beside them not in front, as its less confrontational & if they are low in confidence you're not forcing them to look into your eyes. Plus being at their height is always a good idea, sometimes I sit on the floor, with my legs crossed & make myself smaller than them, anything to help them feel as ease.

One last tip that I always find useful with my younger clients is I write lots of questions on paper & we turn them over, asking each other the question. I make it into a game, like whats your favorite chocolate or who did you last pull a funny face at, but then i'll sneak in there a few that I really want to ask like, what would you change about your life if you could or what makes you unhappy. Just so I can gauge where their little mind is at & i'll address any niggling concerns that arise as we go along. Always keep it upbeat & take it as an

opportunity for lots of giggles.

I have also found that my children's meditation set is creating a wave of calm in houses up & down the country because they help children relax & have a better nights sleep. They support their mental health by helping them with sad emotions & teaching them how to let them go. They build their confidence by teaching them self worth & inner beauty. They help children understand they have choices in life & that they can be anybody they want to be & they get the children into a positive mind set every single morning. The more I think about how beneficial they are the more I think parents should be joining in with them, would you agree? You can check them out here

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Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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