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  • Suzanne Prince

One day when this is all over.

One day when this is all over we will leave our homes with a grateful heart because, we are the survivors that made it through this historical tragedy. We will have lived to tell the tale to many generations to come of how the world fell to its knees while the Earth healed. We will comfort those who's darkest fears came true with many a loved one lost and mourn the thousands of souls who didn't make it through.

One day when this is all over people will celebrate in the streets, dance in their bare feet and sing at the top of their lungs. Tears will roll down our cheeks as we embrace the loved ones we haven't been able to see. Being together, holding hands and a kiss on the lips will mean so much more because this saddest of times will of created a lifetime of gratitude.

One day when this is all over we will look back at this unprecedented event with a heavy heart, still in shock that we made it through. We will start our lives over with a more mindful approach as we've watched the Earth recover and that must not end. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity this cruel pandemic gave us. To stop the rat race, to be still, reflect and gain a deeper compassion for the world.

One day when this is all over we will rebuild our businesses far better than before. We'll nurture our loved ones with more care and attention. We will never take our mental health or freedom for granted again, because we all understand now what it feels like to be isolated and alone. We will finally realise that we really are all one, all experiencing the same loss, pain and fear. The world has been given the chance to flourish and with our help, it can continue to be our home.

One day when this is all over you'll look back and see the world through different eyes. You'll know that the true hero's of this world rarely have money or wear a cape. All along it was your neighbours who shared supply's, the teachers who looked after your child and the vast amount of nurses and doctors who fought to save everyone's life. True hero's are those who cared enough to reach out, who made your difficult journey brighter even on the darkest of days.

One day when this is all over and our lives are much simpler, we will refuse to slip back to our old outdated world, because we'll understand it wasn't working for us nor the environment around us. We'll embrace a new way, one that works better for us all, where happiness, health and love will become most important of all. Until this day comes please stay well and at home, safe in the knowing we will get through this bleak journey together, you're never alone.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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