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  • Suzanne Prince

Pink & Perfect: April's Super Moon

Tonight's Pink Super-moon is to be the biggest and brightest of 2020. I'm very excited to see the first full moon of spring, not to mention also the biggest and brightest of the year. The reason for this is the moon's uneven orbit, which is more elliptical or oval shaped than it is circular. Oh, please please let the sky be clear tonight and tomorrow. Will you be outside like me? Think of it like this, you’ll be looking at a celestial masterpiece when gazing up, out into the atmosphere. How does that sound? Perfect to me. I find the moon to be such a magical and beautiful feminine energy, I adore standing outside looking up, even when the moons not full.

I believe each full moon gives us an opportunity to work with parts of ourselves we are ignoring or not aware of. Often it feels like old stuff you think you've dealt with, but sometimes deep matters of the heart have several levels and much healing, nurturing and awareness is needed. This moon in particular is shedding light on all your imbalances of power and control, prepare for the truth to start and unfold if it hasn't already. There's also a fresh feeling in the air, one of being equal to the rest of the world, its an opportunity to be humble and see your own worth at a deeper level. Take time out to work on emotions that are arising, it may be painful but it will pass if you allow it to.

We are all going through our own personal journey right now and its so important to listen to our own gut instinct, trust yourself and block out any negativity from others, it will only slow your healing process down. Switch off from the outside world and work on whats being magnified right now by the full moons energy or it will only surface again and again. Look out for some really powerful synchronicities happening around you, something that makes your heart skip a beat. I definitely think its time to get a much clearer picture of the journey ahead for 2020, which I believe will flow beautifully if you embrace whats coming instead of burying your head in the sand.

As the moon will be at its closest to Earth this year so far, it will be far more intense and powerful. Here's my 3 Top Tips to help you survive the Full Moon Energy.

  1. Drink extra water, this is a must. Think about it, the moon creates a detox process within us, extra water is a no brainier.

  2. Feel into whats coming up, don't ignore it. Healing happens from awareness and acceptance not putting your head in the sand.

  3. Meditate, bringing your body and mind into a peaceful state is perfect when the moons energy is powerful. Try this full moon meditation

I'd love you to come back and comment on the blog, after trying my meditation.

Happy Full Moon, Stay safe, Stay home xxx

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Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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