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  • Suzanne Prince

Separated for love.

I've heard so many heartwarming stories of families that have separated from vulnerable family members out of fear of spreading the Covid Virus. Those on the front-line are particularly concerned of carrying the virus home to loved ones. I can't even begin to imagine how they felt making such a heartbreaking decision. Nobody wants to be away from their family, especially their children. Yet this is the reality many are faced with as the pandemic continues to soar throughout the world.

I believe Robbie Williams has done the same, as he started experiencing symptoms of the virus. He didn't want to risk his families health, so he stayed away for 21 days which must of been heart wrenching as well as worrying as his symptoms continued and he started to run out of supplies. But that's what you do for the ones you love, you protect them and keep them safe. Something I've seen more and more of since the virus took hold of the world. It was beautiful to see their reunion as the children run to greet him as he arrived home this week. What a relief it must of been to be home. This situations is making us all even more grateful for what we have.

Have you seen some of videos on social media?, where real people are sharing their story to help spread awareness of whats really happening right now. I cried while watching a video of a nurse who made the decision to separate from her young children while she worked on the front-line. She was terrified of bringing the virus home, she felt she had no choice but to move out of the family home. She was begging people to stay home and rightly so. It makes you wonder whether those who still aren't taking this seriously really understand the magnitude of whats going on right now.

I hope all the upsetting stories of families choosing to separate out of love and respect for others serve as a reminder to us all. The the lock-down is in place for a reason and staying away from others is paramount, whether you have symptoms or not. Abide by the rules now or we'll loose our freedom totally. I can't imagine not being able to go for my daily walk, but I can see that being restricted if we don't fully unite now. Be kind to strangers and stay home.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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