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  • Suzanne Prince

Thank You, NHS

2020, the year we all took notice of the heroes around us.

Its not the people we follow on social media or the fictional characters we admire in the latest film. Its the brave people who risk their lives to save other peoples. Its the selfless who put the needs of strangers before their own. Its the kindhearted souls who go out of their way to care for everyone. Its the compassionate who won't leave a person behind. The bold who always do whats right and the courageous who put their own health at risk day in day out so others can survive. Its people who are prepared to go to war with this unprecedented Virus. Those who are determined to keep people alive, dedicated to their jobs and passionate about people.

Our nurses, our doctors, All NHS staff, we salute you, never can we give back what you have given to our country, but we can show appreciation by respecting the NHS and not going to hospital unless it's an emergency. We can all help by staying inside and not spreading the virus further. We can take charge of our unruly teenagers and keep them off the streets. We can take responsibility for vulnerable people in our community and make sure they aren't isolated. When can you say you had the chance to save someones life? Now, is the answer.

Never can we fully understand the devastation you've seen, never can we fully appreciate the difficult decisions you've been faced with. Never can we truly comprehend the tragedies you've experienced that wont allow you to switch off at home or the fight you have to keep your mental health in a good place. We take for granted that while we are fast asleep you are saving peoples lives. We now more than ever appreciate all you do.

We must always remember who the heroes really are and honour what they are trying to do. This isn't a movie no matter how surreal it feels right now, its not just going to go away and our help is needed. The heroes of our time aren't snuggled up at home like us, they aren't sat scrolling on their phones, they haven't felt the sunshine on their faces today, they are to busy dealing with an overwhelming amount of patients and grief striven loved ones. Whereas we have the pure luxury of staying at home, of staying safe and of staying well, remember that.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to All the NHS staff for everything you do.


Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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