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  • Suzanne Prince

The Gift of Lockdown

There is no denying that this year are been horrific. The doom & gloom we have all endured as been difficult to say the least. Plus its not over either so, with so much uncertainly & very little to get excited about why have I called this blog The Gift of Lockdown? Well because there has been an opportunity created within all the miserly for many people to step back, slow down & realise whats really important. I believe thats a gift right there & not one to be sniffed at. Many people zoom through life not stopping to take a breath, then wonder where the years have gone but Covid stopped us all in our tracks.

I have always made a big deal of my family time & never taken it for granted, but i've spoken to people who have said Lockdown has really made them think about who matters & they now make a more conscious effect to be in their life. I was thinking myself as superficial as it sounds its made me realise that I don't need my hair dying every few weeks or to buy new clothes. My friend was saying last week she feels so much better without false nails or eye lashes & wouldn't have them again. When would we of broken those habits? Never! Lockdown has been a gift of sorts too many whom would never of stopped & tweaked their life to be more mindful or simple.

Lockdown has certainly connected communities, making us feel apart of something that we are all collectively effected by. It has made us all more mindful of our neighbours & their needs, creating a sense of togetherness that wasn't there before. I mean, I didn't even know most of my neighbours names before lockdown & i've lived in this house 13 years, ( I know thats bad ). The gift of giving, the gift of seeing & acknowledging others that were invisible to us before. The gift of self awareness & shaking up our own lives so that we feel happier on the inside. The gift of understanding & compassion for ourselves & others. I could go on.

A client I spoke to yesterday said she's loved lockdown because its helped her bring everything in perspective. She has created more time for people that matter & started to put herself first, simply because people can't pull at her the same in lockdown & its given her that clean break she needed. She said she'd never go back to how things were before lockdown, just running around for other people constantly. The gift of Self love, thank you Lockdown.

So even though we are still very much in the strangest of times & life feels heavy for us all, please don't forget the possibilities lockdown has brought & is still bringing. Let's not waste this unusual opportunity that hopefully will never happen again. Let's embrace all the positives no matter how small them seem to you. Squeeze every last drop out of this gift of Lockdown. I for one am enjoying quieter days, time in the garden, less trips out to busy places & more time to play with my puppy Teddy.

I guess it's how we perceive each opportunity or obstacle coming our way. I am choosing to see Lockdown as a gift because I believe theres a lot to gleam from any situation if you want there to be. I'd love to know how you've been using your Lockdown time?

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen

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