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  • Suzanne Prince

The journey of Mama bear.

All is forgotten as tears of pain turn to tears of joy,

as long as they are healthy it doesn't matter if they are a girl or a boy.

The love is beyond anything you've ever felt before,

one that is so deep you could never ignore.

Their smell, their soft skin and their tiny cry's melt your heart,

you can't ever imagine being apart.

The journey is tough filled with many a sleepless night,

yet you know in your heart the future is so bright.

In the blink of an eye they are up on their feet,

dancing to the rhythms of your favourite beat.

When they start going to school its overwhelming to see,

that tiny little person looking all grown up in front of me.

They start to grow into their character like never before,

you can't but help just totally adore.

They are so entertaining no social media is required,

they are so full of fun how can you not be inspired.

They teach us so much about who we really are,

yet they are so innocent and unaware, its really bazaar.

Before you know it they are all grown up,

and asking you " Whassup?"

All of a sudden they know everything and attitude is in full bloom,

i'm thinking of shoving them back in the womb.

Don't get me wrong I look at them everyday with pride,

but it's still a shock my mother comes out when I open my mouth wide.

You never stop learning as mother, its not an easy road,

why don't children come with a built in quiet mode?

In all seriousness its fair to say,

Mummy is the most precious word you'll hear each day.

So be proud of being their Mama bear with all its ups and downs,

don't let anyone get to you, no matter how much they frown.

Yes there will come a time when you start to feel redundant,

but let me tell you your journey has been significant and abundant.

You'll always be their Mama bear no matter what the future holds,

maybe its time to find yourself again and let a new journey unfold.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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