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  • Suzanne Prince

The New Normal, Post Covid 19

Is this really our new normal? There is a lot to get our heads around don't you think?

Never did we imagine that this would become the world that we live in. Where over 40,000 innocent people have lost their lives in just 10 tiny weeks in the UK. Where we cannot hug our mum and dad, we cannot tickle our nieces and nephews, we cannot run up behind our best friend to scare them, we can’t touch the soft skin of our first grandchild, we cannot even celebrate our birthdays like we used to, some parts of lock down really are heartbreaking, so much change.

From a distance we still love, we still care, we still share, but it’s not the same. This new norm is extremely unsettling for those who are affected the most and challenging for those who are going without. Vulnerable children & adults are stuck in a volatile homes, scared everyday. Grandparents who can't see the generations they live to see grow up are yearning to be with their family that keep them young. Partners are forced apart by living in separate houses, holidays cancelled and money lost, weddings postponed to an unknown date, funerals limited and grief unsupported.

Never could we have imagined that our children would spend months off school isolated from even the local park. Strange to think that when children return to school they would be in a tiny bubble maybe without their friends, dealing with so many differences to school life before. Never could we have imagined that we would have to wear a mask just to get on the bus or train. Nor would we have ever thought we'd have to walk a certain way in the supermarket & queue for hours outside just to get your weekly shop. Children and teachers isolated when back at school as children can’t play with their friends and teachers can’t congregate in the staff room.

Nurses & Doctors are working in war zones, many have lost their life trying to save others, even security workers have died due to an exposure their job didn't entail. Now you'll have to wear a mask just to get your hair cut or get your nails painted, prayers must stay at home because the churches are closed. We watch films on Netflix & Disney because the cinemas isn't open. Restaurants & pubs are shut so there's no evenings out or celebrating anniversaries. Doctors are only taking phone consultations to reduce the risks and the government wants us all to link up by an app tracking our ever move, I'm not sure how I feel about that! You?.

We have no idea when social distancing will end, but its set to be quite some time away, so all we can do is settle into this new norm as best we can & reach out to those who are struggling. Let this be a journey that nobody does alone, check on your neighbors, smile at strangers from a distance, say good morning to everyone on your morning walk, phone that friend you've been meaning to speak to. Together we will live to tell the tale for Covid 19 to generations to come, let some of our stories be positive ones.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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