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  • Suzanne Prince

When a Puppy takes over your life

I sit & wonder, what did I do before Teddy came along? I must of had lots of spare time, but I don't remember if so. When a puppy comes into your life they have a huge positive impact. They become the centre of your world & every decision, it's incredible really. I now can't imagine my life without my puppy, Teddy. Which begs the question, why did I wait so long? I know why, in fact its many reasons actually & above all it just wasn't the right time before.

You don't realise just how much life will change. You have an idea of the impact that a puppy will have, but definitely not the full extent, EVERYONE needs a puppy in their life. I obviously don't mean that, let's face it theres some horrid people out there who shouldn't be in charge of themselves never mind a vulnerable animal. Having a puppy makes you realise just how vulnerable they actually are, they literally rely on you for everything.

When you bring a new puppy home everything changes. Your world is taken over by wondering what they are doing & making sure they haven't got anything in their mouth. Getting them to have regular naps & taking a million photos of every single move they make because it's all so cute & new. Or is that just me? They look at you with those big puppy dog eyes & you wonder what they must be thinking of their new world around them.

I don't know about you but I wasn't prepared for the bitey stage, the I'm not listening stage or even the ohh that poo looks nice to eat stage! Have you been there too? I found that depending on who was in the house our puppy would behave differently & it made me realise we all had to be on the same page. The more time I spent with Teddy, the more I started to "get him" & understand his needs.

I've put so many things in place its unbelievable, people laugh at me, but I spoke to a dog trainer with over 30 years experience & she said she'd never heard anything like it. She said I should be really proud of what we had achieved with him already & told me it was very unusual. This got me thinking I should really share what iv'e been doing, because up until that point I thought everyone was doing what i've been doing.

So i'm starting with how I calm Teddy down. It's been invaluable on many many occasions. He's a pure bred border collie & they can be very reactive dogs. He needs someone around him that can give him structure, a clear message & solace. I've combined my work of over 17 years & my new love for puppys to create a fantastic little tool for new puppy parents. It helps you calm your puppy for sleep or just when they are getting too much. Take a look at it here If you need any help with your new puppy please reach out i'll try to help where I can. I'm no expert, just a new puppy parent like you, finding my way through this new world.

Here's my gorgeous boy Teddy 🐾

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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