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  • Suzanne Prince

While people panic, the Earth heals.

The entire world is fearful of being effected by the corona virus & it plaguing towns throughout the land, yet Mother Earth is breathing a sigh of relief as all that's been chocking the core of her comes to a drastic halt. I can't help but think its all connected somehow, its undoubtedly a tragedy that its come to this but how else was the world going to stop so the Earth could breath? We are all aware just how much shes been suffering from people taking far more than they give.

So tell me, how was the balance ever going to be restored? When was Mother Earth ever going to have the chance to recover? I can't see it was every going to happen because humans are in control or so they thought until the virus stopped everyone in their tracks. Did something cosmic, universally, energetically, Godly, what ever you call it step in before its too late?

Chaos is happening around the globe, yet the Earth is quietly healing in the background without any fuss. It's starting to breath as the pollution clears in the air & that's something to be grateful for in the midst of all this fear & uncertainty. With less planes in the sky & cars on the road, emissions are down allowing the Earth to start & recover from the years of trauma she has been subjected to.

The birds are singing louder in towns that have never heard them before, are they celebrating the shift? People are supporting people they wouldn't normally acknowledge, as all this devastation has created a wave of compassion & community, something we all need to be a part of. We are in this together after all.

So as Mother Earth continues to deeply heal, utilising every moment she can to undo the greed that has caused her to wimper for many many years, it begs the question how long has she got before it all starts again? Or will the world respect her beauty? Will people realise how we were living isn't sustainable? If everybody stood collectively for just a 1 minute in silence they would heard her calls for change, while we've still got a chance. This break from the norm is an opportunity to do things differently, its up to us to be that change.

The Earth needs nothing to recover, other than time, space & a chance to heal. So is this her big chance that's been so desperately needed for a long time? I hope the Earth never suffers a same lack of respect from people again and that the future is brighter for us all, as without respecting & looking after Mother Earth, we have nothing.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen.


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