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  • Suzanne Prince

You have driven them away.

You've raked Meghan Markle over the coals more times than I've had hot dinners. What is wrong with the world of media? Don't answer that, there's so much wrong with the industry it makes me shudder. I know reporters want to earn a living but I don't know how they sleep at night. Hounding people, making up stories and breaking people down is shameful. No wonder they want out, no wonder they have had enough, you can't blame them for wanting a sense of normality. Then there's the public, some of which support, share & buy into such nastiness, I just don't get it.

Some would say that in the celebrity world you don't get that privilege, to have privacy. I think its arrogant to assume they don't have that right, as though the media and public own them somehow. Excuse me, you do know they are human beings right, not just apart of the Royal family? They need love, compassion and understanding just like the rest of us. Its beyond manipulative & incredibly unhealthy to live in such a way.

Far too many people love a good gossip, they love to see people put down and read all the super exaggerated if not totally fabricated stories. Are we that cold as a species? Are we that easily lead by power driven, money hungry publications? I just don't get people who support such negativity, they aren't my kinda people that's for sure.

I'm glad they have found the strength to break free of the daily torture. I'm so pleased they had the courage to say enough is enough. Harry's love for Meghan is evident in all that he does and hes clearly influenced hugely by his utterly beautiful mother Diana Princess of Wales. What they have done is an example to us all. Don't be bullied into believing you are something that you are not. Don't be forced to live a life of miserly to suit others. Don't allow your situation to shape you as a person & change the true essence of who you are.

Its a new chapter for them now, in an ideal they would start to take deeper breaths, laugh much louder & cry when needed without having to constantly worry, but we know the media won't just stop. I wish they would, I'd love to believe they would back off. Give them space, the respect they deserve, the privacy they long for & allow them to live, live as a family. One thing is for sure they should be incredibly proud of their decisions, conduct and sheer determination not to let the media break them down.

As their life together as a 3 truly begins, I for one hope its filled with more love than they could dreamt of, more laughter than they can handle & more peace than they ever thought possible.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen.


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