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  • Suzanne Prince

You're not OK & I'll tell you why.

I know you're holding it all together and you wouldn't dream of saying you're not OK. You are the glue that sticks your family together, the love that keeps everyone safe and the light that shines so bright in your home it gives everyone hope. But remember this, you can't always be ok, you can't always be the strong one and you don't need to be. None of us are OK, we are having to come to terms with being locked in our home most of the time, while being concerned we could get ill, its surreal and frightening.

You have to take that weight off your shoulders, stop pushing yourself to be a superhero, to be perfect. Its unrealistic to be that way, its unnecessary to even try and who really lives that way anyway? No one, well not behind closed doors. We have social media to thank for the deceiving take on the world of others. More and more women feel under pressure to show up Instagram ready and only share their best moments, oh and If you don't have any, Make Them UP!

Since the lockdown I've seen posts shaming women who aren't coping very well. I've seen posts that say if you're not using this time wisely you have no discipline, are they for real? I even saw a post saying Nurses are priceless and Kim Kardashian is worthless. Excuse me? That's just so wrong. I, like everyone else, appreciate nurses so much but putting worthless next to ANYONE is totally wrong in my eyes. There is so much judgement flying around even in a time like this when so many are coming together.

Being kind still doesn't seem to be everyone's thought pattern and its leaving people feeling isolated and as though its only them not coping. But let me tell you, I know you're not OK, because i'm not OK and neither is anyone else I know. We are all struggling with our new reality and it's OK to feel that way. Its totally normal to not be on top of things, to want to hibernate till its all over and hide away.

So take a deep breath and let go of that tension you're holding onto, allow yourself a moment to just be. Don't run around chasing your tail, don't do anything for anyone, just for a moment, make it about you. You need this time, before you burn out. Some guilt free me time where you can just sit and be still. Lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to, to take it just for you. Don't worry about how everyone else seems to be juggling work, homeschooling and home life, take time out from social media.

You can't keep running on empty or worrying about the outside world, so switch off and recharge. I want you to read this again till its sunk in because I know you are so use to being on autopilot, but please put yourself first. Then maybe, just maybe, next time someone asks are you OK and you say "yes" you wont be fibbing because you've slowed down, you've stopped trying to keep up with this delusional world and your feeling a little more YOU.

Stay Safe . Stay Amazing. Stay Sane.

Suzanne Prince | The Identity Queen


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