​Bringing meditation into a childs life on a regualr basis has so may incredible benefits. You will notice that they will feel calmer, more confident & more settled. These mediations are a wonderful tool for parents to access from their phone or computer anytime they are needed.


The 5 meditations are: 

Bed Time: For help relaxing & switching off from the day.

Morning Time: For waking up & embracing a brand new day. 

Happy Time: A chance for children to go to their happy place.

Positivity Time: An opportunity for positive self chatter.

Sad Time: A space to let go of unwanted emotions.

Each 5 minute meditation has many benefits to offer from learning to let go, relaxing the body & understanding how we feel to being mindful, feeling confident & building self worth. 

You can download them onto any device for your convenience & use them as often as your child likes. They are also a wonderful tool for parents to be able to access for many different situations that may arise. Life can be so incredibly stressful & having access to meditations like this can really help a child to deal with their emotions, thoughts & feelings. 


Maybe you'd like to join in & enjoy them with your child :-)

Children's Meditation Time


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