Peaceful Puppy Meditation

Perfect for Your new puppy 🐾

So what exactly is it?

Its a Calming Meditation suitable for your new puppy


Perfect for peaceful sleep in those early days

Wonderful for a good routines

Learn a positive way to stay calm

More sleep for puppy parents

Learn your puppy its time to relax

Click play on the video & i'll explain in more detail.

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It worked for me & my puppy Teddy, so it will work for You & Your New Fur baby.

You can use hours & hours of free doggy friendly meditation music on youtube to try & help calm your New Puppy, but what I found was it didn't really make a difference at all. 

What I needed was something short that made an impact. I needed a tool to help me get my puppy to calm down, a tool that once i've mastered it & my puppy is trained by it I probably won't need the meditation at all, let alone listening to hours & hours of music each night that I don't really want to. 

This Peaceful Puppy meditation will help your Puppy CALM DOWNhave more PEACEFUL SLEEPS 

& learn to listen to your calming down COMMANDS

Puppys are incredibly sensitive to their new surrounding & this meditation is a perfect for helping a New Fur parents feel in control, while also teaching the new puppy valuable calming techniques.

You will receive:

1 audio download | 1 welcome sheet with helpful info

Perfect first step to calming your new puppy calm.

Perfect for these difficult times when your puppy won't listen. 


The meditation is mobile friendly & you will be able to download it onto any device,

from anywhere in the world.

Access the Puppy meditation

Immediately & get started

Once you've purchased the calming meditation, you will be able to immediately download the music, it's that simple.

I can't wait for you to try it, here's to a more peaceful nights sleep.