Reiki Training | Reiki Healing

Reiki degree 1

Comprehensive 2 day training course.

Reiki is such a blessing, I feel incredibly lucky everyday to have it in my life. I run small, intermittent 2 days courses to share with others how to work with this beautiful energy & become more attuned with every layer of yourself.

There are so many elements to this course, you can expect to learn how to:
Ground, protect and cleanse your energy.
Work with your reiki guides.
Connect with your higher self
Learn self treatments.
Learn how to share healing with others.
Gain in-depth knowledge about chakras and balance in all aspects of the mind body and soul. You can use it to support your children & loved ones. It's fabulous for pain, teething & migraines, plus so much more.

There are many different courses out there , some very practical and others have very much lost their authenticity. Different approaches will suit different people. Some now offer the course in a day, or level 1 & 2 together. Mine is true to Usui's teachings and quite a spiritual journey, we need the full 2 days to truly embrace the teachings & a 12 month gap is advised between levels to allow you time to grow into the energy .

Reiki really is incredible, it brings an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. So if you’re a stressy person healing would work wonders for you.

It also helps promote
Superior sleep
Clarity of mind
Boosts immune system
Balances the chakra system
Relieves migraines and headaches
Reduces Depression
Reduces Anxiety / Stress
Minimise/Diminish Panic Attacks

My honest opinion is that Reiki is a life changer & that everybody should do the first level. It's about healing yourself not others. 

NEXT DATE: 12th/13th December l 2019



Reiki Degree 2

Comprehensive 2 day training course.

Reiki Degree Two is a fascinating 2 day course to very much enhance your Reiki knowledge & awareness. It brings about a more powerful understanding of the Reiki energies & enables you practice as a Reiki Practitioner.

You must of completed a 2 day comprehensive Reiki level 1 to attend my Reiki Degree 2.

It builds on firm foundations and increases the vibrational frequency of the individual & the energetic connection. This will increase your personal development. You will also receive the knowledge of the symbols & how / when to use them.


You will be taught many tools to connect to your inner child, past, present & future. You will only be limited by your own imagination. There is so much you can start to do at this level, i could burst with joy! 

You can expect:

Reiki Meditations & guidance

Reiki Symbols

Sending Reiki through time & space

Law of Attraction


Sacred Space


Distant Healing

Practical work using the symbols

Reiki Level 2 Attunement

And much more.

You also receive a manual & certificate as well as ongoing support as and when you need it.

NEXT DATE : 9th/10th December 2019



Reiki Masters & Teachers

Comprehensive 2 day training course & Retreat

This tranquil & beautiful space will set the scene for the most enlightening training.

I feel strongly about cocooning us in this powerful energy as we process becoming a Reiki Master.

Day 1 will be Learning the art of psychic surgery & Learning how to cut energetic cords from yourself and clients.

Day 2 will consist of Learning three new symbols and mastering the art of attunment.

After we retire in the evening you may choose to sit in the quiet room by the open fire & read a book or maybe you’ll decide to go outside into the hot tub and look at the tranquil views while the full moon shines down on you.

Bed/ Lunch & dinner will be provided on the first day & breakfast & lunch on the second day.

All food will be vegetarian and organically grown.

As we leave early evening on the second day it is appropriately a full moon 🌕 A perfect time to drive home, as The moon will guide you all the way.

Students must already have Reiki Degree levels 1 & 2.

After the 2 days you will qualify as a Reiki Master & Teacher.

All practices, knowledge, Booklets, certificates & further training throughout year is all included as part of this course.

This course only happens once every 2/3 years & we are very blessed to be at the retreat not only over the full moon but in summer where we can take our learning out, meditate on the grass & feel the earth below us.

NEXT DATE: June 2021



Reiki Healing Session

One Hour Session

Reiki healing is a wonderful, gentle treatment for anyone who feels or expereinces:




Struggles to sleep / Insomnia

Suffers with migraines / Physical pain

Lack of self confidence

Bad nerves

We require around an hour for the treatment & analysation.

Ideal for if you struggle to switch off & need to find ways to feel calm / peaceful.

Absolutely no Reiki Practitioner can guarantee that you will be healed, all we can do is try to facilitate the healing process, which often is enough to eliminate quite alot of issues in the mind, body & soul.  



Reiki Healing Block Booking

Six Healing Sessions

Many people prefer to book a block of sessions, one so they feel that they have a commitment to something positive & two because it creates a saving.

Block bookings are great for people who have a lot of built up stress, anxiety or pain, where it is obvious that a few sessions will be needed to make a difference to the current issues.

These sessions are exactly the same as normal healing sessions, but 6 are entered into our diaries by mutual agreement. Day & evening appointments aval, weekends are not aval.

All sessions are to be attended within the agreed 6 week period or will be lost.

Absolutely no Reiki Practitioner can guarantee that you will be healed, all we can do is try to facilitate the healing process, which often is enough to eliminate quite alot of issues in the mind, body & soul.  



Reiki Training Fresher

2 Hours training course.

After the raving reviews from the last reiki refresher course I’ve decided to run it again to give others the chance to experience a deeper connection to the symbols, chakras, auras , etheric healing, spanning & self healing. A brilliant opportunity to get back on the Reiki wagon or simply strengthen your knowledge & awareness.

With lots of practical's & several meditations those who attended the last one all said how fantastic the night was & how fired up they felt.

You need to be attuned to at least Reiki Degree Two. If you have lost your confidence in it or maybe you need a good booster to get you back on track then this is the right place for you.
Along the way we can all get a little lost, so I've set this up to get you back on track, to giving you a deeper insight & remind you of the things you have forgotten, to get you implementing everything that reiki has to offer and to gain further insight into your process and learn new things fascinating details along the way.



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