Meet some of Suzanne's students & clients.

Working with Lindsey has been a world wind, we have laughed, cried & everything in between. Whats important when working with somebody is that they feel comfortable, relaxed & empowered. I think we achieved beyond that. I wish Lindsey all the luck in the world, for an another future with her boys. 

Watch the video to the right, to listen to her take on our 3 years together.

I've had 4 of those one off session's with Suzanne now & i'll be honest with you, i've loved them all. I've taken so much learning & insight from everything we have done, its really changed the way i think & the way i feel about my self. Its so thought provoking the way she shared, its certainly worked for me & i'm committed now to booking a session at least once every 3 months to keep on top of things. Thanks Lovely Lady X Alexi 

I wasn't totally sure about the wellness program Suzanne runs, It's a lot of money to me, I'd never had coaching before so i decided a few one off sessions would be best. Then i totally fell in love with the processes & how Suzanne made me think totally different about situations that had be rattling around in my mind for many years. I went for it & now i'm on my second round haha! It made me realise that having her by my side regularly was having a huge impact on me positively & i wasn't about to stop that. At first i wanted sessions for past stuff, that had been getting me down for years, but now i've worked through all that crap we are concentrating on who i want to be & it its so bloody exciting.  Thank You Suzanne you are defiantly my guiding light & i feel totally lit. My spark is never going out again XXX Jenni

at Suzanne's Retreats

I've known Emma for several years & working with her is always a blast, we laugh alot. When somebody comes with physical issues you never know how its going to pan out, all you can do is try your best & hope they get the relief they need. We achieved many magical moment that's for sure.  

Watch the video to the left, to listen to her take on our time together.

I've been working with Anmela for around 3 years, she came to me at just the right time & the support i provided had a huge positive impact. When somebody comes to you, you want to be able to inspire them, empower them & help them believe anything is possible, we certainly achieved this & more.   

Watch the video to the right, to listen to her take on our time together.

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