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About Suzanne 

I'm a Women on a mission to support women in this crazy judgmental world. I am sick and tired of people feeling like they aren't beautiful enough, aren't perfect enough &  don't fit in. I created the Wellness Strategy program to make women feel empowered to be who they want to be & embrace their IDENTITY. My Wellness strategy program has already worked for over 1000's of women all over the world and I massively believe it will help transform your life and the way you see yourself forever.


Here's the numbers

3 years full case load in a doctors surgery.

7 years studying.

11 qualifications including Psychology, physiotherapy, counselling & hypnotherapy.

12 years as a healer.

17 years coaching people.

22 years supporting people. 

147 taught Students.

1280 supported men & women in 15 different countries ( on a one to one coaching basis )

2300 Signed up for my online courses.

My Identity

Who am I

I am a powerful yet gentle women.

I am a mum too 2 beautiful girls.

I am a wife & best friend to my husband.

I am a daddy's girl.

I am a lover of the universe & it's incredible energy.

I am a heart centered business women.

I am a qualified dance teacher.

I am too connected to my inner child (according to my teenagers)

I am full of fun, laughter, compassion & a don't mess with me attitude!

I am a believer in karma.

I am influenced by the moon.

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