The Wellness Strategy

Face to Face

The Wellness Strategy is a One to One coaching package with a difference.
Why is it different? Because it’s tailored to your specific needs not to the general public. Nobody fits in a box in my world!
What would I bring to the table? A totally new non-judgmental perspective that will rock your world in the way it needs shaking up.

It’s for you if:
You’re ridiculously bad at putting your needs first.
You’re the queen of procrastination.
You’re READY to live the life you keep saying you want!
You’re a pro at self sabotage.
You’ve tried everything & nothing sticks.
You need fresh ideas, inspiration & practical tools to get you back in the zone.
You’ve tried to manage alone & constantly feel stuck.
You suck at SelfLove & SelfCare.
You’re always putting others needs first.
You’ve never given yourself the chance to shine.
You’re hopeless with self motivation.

It’s not for you if:
You refuse to change.
You won’t invest in your wellbeing.
You not prepared to work on a deep level.
You blame the world for everything that’s ever happened to you.
You think you know it all.
You don’t believe anyone can help you.

This gives you a whole 6 months to work through all the sh*t that life has thrown at you & left you wounded. We will work through any aspect of life you aren't totally happy with & give your beliefs, attitude & inner critic a total make over. Your life will never be the same again, after this complete overhaul. This coaching package is for those serious about wanting a different life, a different way of thinking & wants to embrace wellbeing to the next level.

A monthly payment plan is available, but you'll paid more & you won't be able to access any freebies or promotions that i've added as extras for those who pay upfront. 

Your total investment is £5000 

To book your program please email | or click here

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WOW WOW WOW what I journey. When I think back to how stressed & depressed I was, it makes me so sad because I stayed that way for so long. When I contacted the lovely & sweet Suzanne, I knew 1 session wasn't going to cut it for me. Not after 20 years of hell anyway..... I needed a total life overhaul, I decided to spend 6 months with Suzanne & then ANOTHER after that because it was so so worth it to me. I now have the rest of my life ahead of me to do all the things I thought were impossible before. 

I feel so alive its like my cells are lit up. The things Suzanne have taught me are priceless & i'll keep her & her teaching in my heart forever. Thank You so much for rocking my world & supporting me to build an Identity that i'm GodDamn proud of!!! Tes XXX

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